A Forum on Brain Health

November 5, 2016

Brain Health - This past October 2, I hosted a Forum on Brain Health in River Heights. We had four excellent panelists.

Dr. Bruce Holub, Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Science at the University of Guelph, spoke of the important role of nutrition in brain health.

Bonnie Bricker spoke of her personal experience with the mental health system in Manitoba with her son Reid, who tragically committed suicide after being discharged from a Winnipeg hospital. She made a number of recommendations for change including employing peer support workers to help provide better support for those with a mental illness.

Dr. Andrea Piotrowski , a psychologist and the president of the Manitoba Psychological Association spoke of the role psychologists have in improving mental health and the need to provide better funding to improve access to psychological services.

Dr. Laurence Katz a medical director of child and adolescent psychiatry spoke of the importance of helping children
early on in the development of attachment so that they are better able to cope with adverse circumstances as they grow up.

The Forum was well attended with many good questions and comments. Addressing brain and mental health issues in Manitoba is vital.


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