Grosvenor School Students Make an Impact - Main Street Project Receives Much Needed Donation

March 6, 2019

As the weather begins to warm and we become hopeful for signs of spring, it's important not to forget that even in the warmer weather; people are still affected by lack of resources. Our friends and relatives living on the street still need our help. Last October I hosted a Sharing Circle Community Forum to discuss what we as a community can do to help people be warmer, healthier, and safer this winter.

Much of the discussion was focussed on homelessness in Winnipeg. Speakers included Michael Champagne who emphasized that we need to make a change to recognize those who are homeless are "our friends and relatives on the street". James Favel Executive Director of the Bear Clan and Lee Rees Executive Director of the Main Street Project also spoke. The need for warming shelters and for help for those who are homeless was emphasized. From the meeting came donations of food for the Bear Clan and of clothes for the Main Street Project. I wrote about this in an article in Canstar.

Grade 6 students of Grosvenor school learned of these concerns through the article in Canstar and began discussions about action they could take to continue to show compassion and help for those who are homeless. I was happy to learn that it inspired them to pitch in, and organize a winter clothing drive to collect hats, mitts, gloves and other cold weather wear. The effort was led by Ms. Milak's Grade 6 class spearheaded by students James and Milli.

They collected 113 mitts, hats, scarves and socks (and two teddy bears!!) to assist our friends and relatives living on the street. These items were provided to the Main Street Project to help those in need and it was put to immediate use in December. Cindy Titus of Main Street Project wrote, "Thank you so much for the generous donation of warm clothing for our community members. We are appreciative of the support in keeping the homeless warm and safe during the winter months."

I want to personally and publicly say a thank you to James, Milli and all of the students, faculty, and families of Grosvenor School for your caring and empathy. You have made a difference. You have personally shown you care and are ready to act to address homelessness in Winnipeg.

While we continue to need help for those who are homeless, we also need longer term solutions. I continue to work toward a goal of ending homelessness in Winnipeg, as communities like Medicine Hat have done. To this end I am attending the Main Street Project's inaugural fundraising gala "Bringin' It in from the Streets" on Saturday March 16, where I will continue the discussions about how to help those affected by homelessness, mental health and addictions and to move toward a city which can end homelessness.


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