The Upcoming Provincial Budget

March 10, 2017

As we approach the provincial budget, it is vital that there are sufficient resources dedicated to preventing sickness, and to optimizing health. It is also vital that these resources be used in a focused and effective manner. Without this effort our health care system is not sustainable. Without this effort we will continue to have greater and greater difficulty in managing our provincial finances and in ensuring that Manitobans can get quick access to high quality health care. There are ways that we can all help reduce future burdens on the Healthcare system.

1) A greater awareness of the presence of radon in River Heights homes is needed. Radon has been shown to cause sixteen percent of lung cancers. It often builds up in the basements of homes in Manitoba, and being invisible and odorless, we are not aware of the levels until it is specifically tested for. To find out more visit Health Canada's website or call 204-983-5490.

2) Individuals have come to me raising their concerns on the significance to discrimination based on physical size and weight. This discrimination can lead to decreased physical and mental health and can decrease job productivity. Being aware of this issue and reducing such discrimination can improve the health of individuals concerned, can save health care dollars and can improve productivity and thus our economy. Let us work together to see what we can do to emphasize and promote healthy living and being comfortable in one's own body whatever its size.

3) In Manitoba as elsewhere in Canada we have a crisis in the use and abuse of fentanyl. Preventing addictions to opioids has the potential to forestall many tragedies. It also has the potential to improve health, to decrease health care costs and to improve our economy. There are certainly complexities to preventing fentanyl addiction, but with a combination of measures by government and increased vigilance by all of us, we can make an impact.


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